Inside the ICS- Getting to know you

29 Aug

I had not counted on coming away from our time in Hungary with new contacts and lasting friendships from just a short time together. Inside the walls of the ICS I met and spent time with May and Teri in their shared studio space and Diane from the ATL. We had the generous support of the Staff including Emese Kormos and Ildikó Takács in the office, Klara and Jakab, Gabriella Kuzsel, János Probstner and Jóna Gudvardardóttir, and Hildur Ýr Jónsdóttir who showed us around and gave us shopping tips! I spent many lovely evenings with Leah Anderson and Erika Rejka chatting about gender, art, and life. I had the amazing opportunity to meet and get to know Ilona Romule, Katalin Orbán (Kathy), Zsolt Jozsef Simon and Latzi. All of these artists represent leading figures in the field of ceramics both in technique and concept and spanning from emerging to established in their careers. I look forward to continuing the dialogs we started this summer for many years to come!


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